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How we work.

A Simple, Easy Process
Using our extensive experience creating well over 1000 videos for large Fortune 500 corporations and Broadcast Television, we have developed a simple process to creating the most engaging and effective video to help sell your service or product. It really all comes down to a process we call “Problem, Solution, Appeal.” First, we simply evaluate your target market/audience’s problem. Then we present your  product or service as the solution to their problem. And finally, we give the target audience the appeal (or the why) your product or service is different or better than anyone else’s. It’s effective and it works.
Several Pricing Options
We understand that every small business, entrepreneur or startup is at a different stage of development and has a certain budget that are able to spend on their video. We have developed pricing options to address this, our Simple Video Package, Standard Video Package, Premium Video Package and our Custom Video Package. See our Pricing Table for the benefits of each package.
No Hidden Fees
Video production companies are notorious for additional charges and upcharges for services. With our Up-Front pricing method, we eliminate any surprise fees. The price of a video includes all the necessary production elements, there are no hidden fees. Only if a “change” is requested after an element in the production process has been approved will there be additional charges. These changes are considered “major changes” and can be easily avoided. An example of when a major change would be necessary is if a company changed a feature of their business and the video needed to be altered to reflect this new development. In the instance that a major change is made the client is notified of all additional costs before they are implemented. Also, this Up-Front payment method eliminates billing hassles, and helps you keep your costs down. Simpler billing is cheaper billing… and WE PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO YOU.
How To Get Started
Simply choose the video package that fits your budget and goals. You can view examples of each package here. Make your payment with our secure online payment method via PayPal where you can either pay using your PayPal account or any major credit card. Then a producer will contact you regarding your video needs. If you need a Custom Video, fill out our contact form and a Producer will contact you immediately to get started.

Why Simple Easy Video?

Effective, Quality Video Production

We produce high-quality, effective videos.  What does that mean? It means we produce videos at a professional, broadcast quality level. But it also means we produce videos that are results driven. We don’t just want to produce a quality video for your business, but a video that drives sales and/or effectively communicates your message to your target audience. It’s about growing your business, not making a cool video!

Affordable Video Production

We’ve created a simple but highly effective process that eliminates many of the ‘service’ charges usually associated with high-end video production. We really have it ‘down to a science’ as they say. Our goal is to help you get more business – without breaking the bank. That’s not always easy, unless you really know how to get the most work out of your video production and marketing dollar. And that’s where we come in.
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